+3% deposit bonus until October 14!
Welcome bonus 5 Dogecoin, 10 Tron or 0.007 Litecoin


When contacting us, immediately provide a link to the project in question and your cryptocurrency wallet! The response time is up to 12 hours. Please write only if you have a really technical problem!

E-mail: [email protected]

Information about the affiliate program:

You can safely add this project to your resources. For its part, the administration guarantees 100% payment of the referral fee immediately after the contribution of your partner. Thus, you can be sure of earning from 10% of the contribution of each investor you invite.


Take part in the competition! The prize pool is $600. To participate, you just need to make a deposit to your account, then you will see your deposit in the table. Each new deposit will be added to your score in the competition table. Follow the progress of the game and get the main prize for the first place - $300 in cryptocurrency. Second place - $150. Third place - $75. Fourth place - $50. Fifth place - $25.

Competition results and payouts October 15, 23:59 UTC-0

Leading positions

Place User Deposits Bonus
1 D7kJYKBkBnKg5U6ctjcZa6AGQCR7HfFXXX $138.87 $300
2 THjtiXLGMDJ2PWMCMP7kiJAXcxHRBEcXXX $129.35 $150
3 TGZeQsP9vQFh6xq5LDm86oEBAzfbysUXXX $72.72 $75
4 DKTUmt2j2RXYT8eLgRdxgJZXWk2tkEtXXX $59.16 $50
5 D6qNu6NAShoayEZqzy679h5ixcDRa6JXXX $55.90 $25
6 TT5ZJfWgb4uYKtFa6xsQmYLsUpkAW6jXXX $26.58 $0
7 MNR5WWqUYzj84adBKewTGqCE4MHYhXgXXX $24.44 $0
8 MUw1QffdcssQmDZhGJcVF5W1eXuSuQcXXX $23.71 $0
9 MByipVBjdAi7H3uTXrcY45XxKe7pCmSXXX $23.34 $0
10 M9v9ocpAqARv2fY2DxLj91CkiWCHpBQXXX $22.20 $0
11 M8qTtpQsSHtcZEcuJ9sZJ4WfvW7f9PFXXX $18.69 $0
12 TEmtM8yZc8Kmz2VoknRu2rS6WUzoAbGXXX $16.09 $0
13 TDj7gt15p4MeDBaXqToKeeoiG2MrU7UXXX $13.06 $0
14 TK6NeC5HPNNjBDk172eZXvkZ89sK1sVXXX $12.89 $0
15 MQsd5T9iJB1am1Um2DutEobHNRuTfrBXXX $10.74 $0
16 TFvk8YQ31o3CiUFDfVF1V8LfgwGK499XXX $9.92 $0
17 TQdrtRmPLM1yvADWseXuQ7R9xUPX5qEXXX $9.74 $0
18 TMAWUxuWikcRcAYezYWqvDGtC1mqiDMXXX $9.74 $0
19 MTnK3y28zPkVfHTjX7cSWZJustoanAfXXX $9.44 $0
20 TRjmP9HkV5BUBtZWiGpBWDf9aWVEy2dXXX $8.64 $0
21 D5ZvyddvkGMgRwJbGcCuSkxjguXsgxuXXX $8.32 $0
22 MVj36HbPBTQY7DLVns2dQUFT8FzR6AXXXX $7.73 $0
23 TTVEz5pr59EnjWLSkugfgwKrocqQjaWXXX $7.63 $0
24 MFc4ABVWVnctv38i7MiVHxsBMudFnMUXXX $6.70 $0
25 DCKGbEGZ5qNHxuonha8h7QKyqCiL291XXX $6.06 $0

Please read the following rules carefully before signing in.

You agree to be of legal age in your country to partake in this program, and in all the cases your minimal age must be 18 years.

As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof. We are not FDIC insured. We are not a licensed bank or a security firm.

You agree that all information, communications, materials coming from are unsolicited and must be kept private, confidential and protected from any disclosure. Moreover, the information, communications and materials contained herein are not to be regarded as an offer, nor a solicitation for investments in any jurisdiction which deems non-public offers or solicitations unlawful, nor to any person to whom it will be unlawful to make such offer or solicitation.

All the data giving by a member to will be only privately used and not disclosed to any third parties. is not responsible or liable for any loss of data.

You agree to hold all principals and members harmless of any liability. You are investing at your own risk and you agree that a past performance is not an explicit guarantee for the same future performance. You agree that all information, communications and materials you will find on this site are intended to be regarded as an informational and educational matter and not an investment advice.

We reserve the right to change the rules, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at our sole discretion without notice, especially in order to respect the integrity and security of the members' interests. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to review the current terms. is not responsible or liable for any damages, losses and costs resulting from any violation of the conditions and terms and/or use of our website by a member. You guarantee to that you will not use this site in any illegal way and you agree to respect your local, national and international laws.

Don't post bad vote on Public Forums and at Gold Rating Sites without contacting the administrator of our program FIRST. Maybe there was a technical problem with your transaction, so please always CLEAR the thing with the administrator.

We will not tolerate SPAM or any type of UCE in this program. SPAM violators will be immediately and permanently removed from the program. reserves the right to accept or decline any member for membership without explanation.

If you do not agree with the above disclaimer, please do not go any further.


What is

It is a unique investment platform that uses a special algorithm for distributing deposits between users.

How it works?

The funds deposited by you are multiplied in accordance with one of the three investment plans.

How to register?

It`s simple! Just enter your DOGE, LTC, or TRX wallet on the main page, click "START" and that's it, after this action you will become a member!

How to make a deposit?

You can make a deposit in your account. To do this, enter the deposit amount and click on "DEPOSIT". In the window that opens, copy the address of your unique deposit address or scan the QR code, then transfer the entered amount and wait. The deposit is credited within 10 minutes (sometimes longer).

How to make a withdrawal of funds?

In order to withdraw the accumulated funds, you need to go to the WITHDRAWAL section, enter the desired amount and wait until the funds are credited to your account The withdrawal is credited within 10 minutes (sometimes longer)

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Minimum deposit amounts:
Dogecoin — 1 DOGE
Tron — 5 TRX
Litecoin — 0.001 LTC

Minimum withdrawal amounts:
Dogecoin — 10 DOGE
Tron — 20 TRX
Litecoin — 0.015 LTC

What is "Welcome Bonus"?

This is a bonus of 5 DOGE, 10 TRX, 0.007 LTC that is credited to the account of each user after registration.

Can I earn money without a deposit?

Yes, because you get your welcome bonus for 60 days of use and you can withdraw all your profit without restrictions.

How the referral program works?

The referral program allows you to receive from 10% to 14% of the deposit made by your referrals. The interest rate depends on the investment plan you have chosen. In order for a user to become your referral, the user should register using your referral link.

Is it acceptable to have multiple accounts?

You can create up to three accounts, one account for each coin. But it is forbidden to have more than one account in a particular cryptocurrency. The administrator reserves the right to delete the account without explaining otherwise.


Recent deposits

Date TXID Amount Type
19-10-21 open_in_newda798900cf04d48161b7e50e88f10225265af4830229f3b8ee430d4d815a2888 2.0000 DOGE Deposit
19-10-21 open_in_new6210e739155dad59db0cf242ba6e0ea37bbeb5309212e521371098a482aba2b6 0.0070 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 open_in_new5c1d237fb7df7bec2e95684b75995d997e3e4833559ddb6067c31b86c9cc9da0 0.0121 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 open_in_new3a1e42a757a942e3c5e83aadaa0934ec3698318ac81d81870e7a9487fe9266af 0.0500 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 open_in_new7e4d5cfa5f1c54f4f0fc90c041abab7be794c056ffe9704d6e821ccb37538dd2 10.0000 TRX Deposit
19-10-21 open_in_newc6ce589cb42470bf0ab582e72f2f3cf966b0e1742f8f314eb09c37cdca8ef9e8 0.0183 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 open_in_newb2c58417e865fa65da1a5c0f27c8fefe107245a5c9fea4c2f3b2d9861d12a548 5.0000 DOGE Deposit
19-10-21 open_in_newe73caa10768fbb1ae462c6f9ce1e539ed238470c0fbebe1efad8a441418ec23f 0.0030 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newb9c72b4c9071bd8aca34b1933cead430c5ed37de85baa4a4734782596de4653a 0.0025 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newcd3d2387b5b3b74f462c4fbc31e1d586639bd05bf74a6e0ee7b4300a4b5d4974 0.0090 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newa7a97eb61a50aba576db88fbe97c010606f947fe8f159d7901cc04cca6e268ba 20.0000 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newf3b6ca34d4cc3a877e2a721f155b19b00d44e63de8517237ad4639ed1fa3a4cc 10.0000 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newcba67bb2b10d5b8f1e35390c9c17da41cb1c0f89f1543912b4c1f56298385000 0.0016 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newfb22ee7088d47aab60faefeeef71393d4f3f779c5dfd6eb872c154f93b256602 1.0000 DOGE Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newcd218b7d4f42b62539d9fd55cef22200102629d75d0c073c69069a762a25083a 6.0000 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newcf1f1aad32574db1e2d8afde68b7f96411b554f090c5913b59d0495d4f3073d7 20.0000 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_newaca3cbde6ac8dda0c036252f40e1536e4ae3ba90757d7469571e0042b19e4ad8 5.0000 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_new7c9829893af7d171ebee612404539321cbf527707b18d07c86f2d0d330b353b3 5.0000 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_new770650caaa7f39c4e603c9463316eeebd6682d20f8503fdf650fd6205a18bac6 0.0090 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 open_in_new3d74ad26b000d11dad6fe619d204d000de6ea8e578bd9396cb0c3d33562b47fb 30.0000 TRX Deposit
17-10-21 open_in_new88f211cdb9a493b1ea9397bca9ce57e07269cf64749b025f5541a8287a62ad67 5.0000 DOGE Deposit
17-10-21 open_in_new3f35120c226a7fc855195382c06b9736d4a8f15f41cae0227c364c65e3713020 13.0000 TRX Deposit
17-10-21 open_in_new438ee45575be5ba7f3a8b3aefd9e640351dbd8225c12701a65667b05ead30def 25.0000 TRX Deposit
17-10-21 open_in_new1d4477e703c4bc23071aa2d0b3b6e3983786dd763a3f9de5e3cf131c55bde495 12.8000 TRX Deposit
17-10-21 open_in_newc089cd4d578239c7a016324f389b88b891c9de6db3c809c80770dee62807f828 3.0000 DOGE Deposit

Recent payouts

Date TXID Amount Type
17-10-21 open_in_new0a9b4a6e26c34d022156eec2fe52bc5b50c27bc246f6e2a191223f62c1e16ecf 22.6210 TRX Payout
17-10-21 open_in_new74eb4949655aa771d5a3df1072ca3e41a44facc8ed8fa32e27be23e98a0f52cf 86.3913 TRX Payout
17-10-21 open_in_newf0652463436b1a1af71ba7c52011a430f8371280ca2dd5097eb28e25919dd1cb 21.1844 TRX Payout
16-10-21 open_in_new645337b210a5708bba99aac5ecff363faed6d6f12e20297fe5890802bc01e5e1 22.3305 TRX Payout
16-10-21 open_in_new205fb3e088851a06ed6433ce11ed2ffc8bda6d03873585598d8b628d3bc18bb5 23.0918 TRX Payout
16-10-21 open_in_newc5808e654570faa6c0a6e5955cfbfcfe96b23456a603f3edb5de934958296c55 38.7298 TRX Payout
16-10-21 open_in_new303a57a7744c92e46f0751d52b451460d30b75b136608b1d16eb01504fc1678c 0.0155 LTC Payout
16-10-21 open_in_newc277723d8e566ccac97a6c4ed465b5ceca9f195ddb39bf88a6b87647ac3d8f02 0.0155 LTC Payout
16-10-21 open_in_newffdb09ef721cfe0dba142e7e6615362b097ec81e4189815257bb51f8a2d68ebb 0.0152 LTC Payout
16-10-21 open_in_new0abf078fb0f795b496eef002b08eeab5c498afb3a60d8649beaac4f9904d1765 0.0151 LTC Payout
16-10-21 open_in_new3142b1217bda27b4756fe170e2f86f0c3251506fb59033b2259333ab711e13ca 26.7771 TRX Payout
16-10-21 open_in_new3c46f50db1cb7f1ac81db68d9b207584bad3619203dda71f0f9bb8647f471961 20.5816 TRX Payout
16-10-21 open_in_newc9e7ec821d69d3612afba549fa9e0e4f8408cbe36851fe69934d74e244b2ddb3 22.1498 TRX Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new939ffa70d58e6f34145d39b17aa6358cbb3fb77f0ef5dba66e271ffb472f2b04 0.0283 LTC Payout
15-10-21 open_in_newf548a63579f3a1e76beb34bea30250a4b4445d650d432332fd27eb1b52485018 10.0019 DOGE Payout
15-10-21 open_in_newe338054141fc43b4549358faa4b73f081216c41bbc486037d839d2b53732882a 21.5893 TRX Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new577338ac6a45da21d899b4ccf88a08a1b7ce36f40aa28b62572688e789ccc721 20.8581 TRX Payout
15-10-21 open_in_newc5c2fd5f5c0c60976795adf0beb1fe9f6daf34d50cedbfd406b65a007a5b5466 10.1623 DOGE Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new43a3307fc9cf39f786ed93f6de63427e3c3793e150819048d5b6a310a95c8f73 20.7829 TRX Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new3015eb92dc91d1a21d0e44fe6ca50df66b20b3c2dfe05a3574ed97dbfc3dea33 0.0178 LTC Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new250214516bdbaea273b2e35aab4838349eeea1db4a75003377fc0553d81b994d 20.9331 TRX Payout
15-10-21 open_in_newd91c54904942cf5a76ce7e2abc74610a6af88d026b7108b572d647e9d0943c6d 0.0150 LTC Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new2fc0ac4128f0d14525f71edab0dae0ce894a72ba919660de8e915283d0fa622b 10.0961 DOGE Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new1f92ce654912f2b9208093c0b3e548e49b6ca1140ccbfc51f6c925d85d072f6c 90.5436 DOGE Payout
15-10-21 open_in_new826807d14c2ac1947cd13b3f9a3a003293fb91f18b0a81c3fa430093a3ceb853 42.0164 DOGE Payout
Plan: up to 7%/24h
Affiliate: up to 14%
Payouts: Instant
Support: 24/7

Investment plans


5% / day

  • 1 - 99 Dogecoin
  • 5 - 229 Tron
  • 0.0015 - 0.12 Litecoin
  • Lifetime 30 days
  • Withdrawal of funds once a day
  • Affiliate program 10%


6% / day

  • 100 - 499 Dogecoin
  • 230 - 1149 Tron
  • 0.13 - 0.69 Litecoin
  • Lifetime 30 days
  • Withdrawal of funds once a day
  • Affiliate program 12%


7% / day

  • 500 - No limit Dogecoin
  • 1150 - No limit Tron
  • 0.7 - No limit Litecoin
  • Lifetime 30 days
  • Withdrawal of funds once a day
  • Affiliate program 14%

About project

In order to participate in the project, you should register and receive a $1 welcome bonus. Congratulations, you have already started earning!

To increase your income, you need to make a deposit, also, we offer a choice of three investment plans

The referral program allows you to receive from 10% to 14% of the deposit made by your referrals. In order for a user to become your referral, the user should register using your referral link.

Funds are withdrawn instantly to the wallet specified during registration. Be careful, you can't change your wallet after registration!

Recent operations

Date User Amount Type
19-10-21 14:23 open_in_newDTExXZ2KAKBSLG4BKDH8saqdZsBCcdg2XXX 2 DOGE Deposit
19-10-21 11:41 open_in_newMRBAZ6Kqhs1V6bDtgcdduHZfWhwn9nkXXX 0.007 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 11:31 open_in_newMQxrxwGrSvQe11UcQv48Ax7upniKeztXXX 0.0121 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 09:43 open_in_newMTnK3y28zPkVfHTjX7cSWZJustoanAfXXX 0.05 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 09:36 open_in_newTD8vwiH6CTY85FmXQiAk3yJcdL6fnACXXX 10 TRX Deposit
19-10-21 07:45 open_in_newM8M49p8MAfL2E86kaU5kUXnFnWYUXRTXXX 0.0183 LTC Deposit
19-10-21 01:30 open_in_newD9pw1wMRL8HkXhcKfZ79DuAHbkDn76iXXX 5 DOGE Deposit
19-10-21 01:17 open_in_newLe5ivEGfvymLJakDnGdUpanVrM5Pz9RXXX 0.003 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 20:33 open_in_newM9HHyqdceqAbu3UNSxGF4LZqn1ieiC3XXX 0.0025 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 19:50 open_in_newLeWip2KRBoCGtLoLW4qbyK1F8Ynyb3NXXX 0.009 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 17:16 open_in_newTN2uLPh9dMUjC1Q4EG8YqALhL3zkxMGXXX 20 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 16:28 open_in_newTXmAvqX7WBW9a7ZG5rwRVnpbb6HBVr1XXX 10 TRX Deposit
18-10-21 12:12 open_in_newMFYvgnsduP9YX3jAjRUv1eDDWiN5AJ3XXX 0.0016 LTC Deposit
18-10-21 11:37 open_in_newDJj2CBcgNceJ8xLJqv7vgNmZCaYS3paXXX 1 DOGE Deposit
18-10-21 11:37 open_in_newTDMBahuJReAZo8DVhs4ehpW2B3P8SayXXX 6 TRX Deposit

Users: 32857
Reserve: $4022
Payouts: $1519
Days Online: 19